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Meet Julie & Echo

Julie Gobin opened Echo Property Management, named after her loyal 4 legged companion, after seeing the need for a better property management in the Bozeman area that balanced the interests of the property owner and the renters needs.


Julie comes with years of experience in Real Estate & Financial Management that provides personalized, hands-on, open, & honest mentorship that looks out for your interests vs the company bottom line. 


Contact us today to get the personal Property Management you deserve.

Office Hours by appointment only:
Monday - Friday
8am - 6pm 
Our Team
Our Passions

Property Management 

Personalized management to maximize your investment.

Tenants searching for a new rental home invest a lot of time finding the right place. While style and location catch a renter’s eye, a well-maintained property with a reputation for dependable care and management can be the difference in signing on the dotted line.

Meeting the diverse needs of potential tenants can be enormously difficult and time-consuming for landlords. Luckily, the professional property management team at the Echo Property Management can ease the burden of managing and maintaining your rentals.

Echo Property Management is dedicated to making the home-renting experience easier for everyone involved by handling the day-to-day operations of renting out a home.

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