Meet Julie & Echo

Julie Gobin opened Echo Property Management, named after her loyal 4 legged companion, after seeing the need for a better property management in the Bozeman area that balanced the interests of the property owner and the renters needs. Julie comes with years of experience in Real Estate & Financial Management that provides personalized, hands-on, open, & honest mentorship that looks out for your interests vs the company bottom line. 


Echo Property Management is your loyal friend in finding your next home, an advocate for your real estate investments, or a guide helping you through the tough waters of HOA management and compliance. Contact us today to get the personal touch you deserve.

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Our Team
Julie Gobin
Julie Gobin

Founder/Broker Owner Julie comes with years of experience in Real Estate & Financial Management that provides personalized, hands-on, open, & honest mentorship that looks out for your interests. Call us today to discuss how we can help you manage your real estate needs. (406) 600-1628

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Cindy Praye
Cindy Praye

HOA Assistant Manger Cindy moved to the Gallatin Valley two years ago, after working for the last 20 years in Facilities Management, mainly with large tech companies in the Seattle area. Cindy enjoys being in the mountains as much as possible. She is an avid hiker, loves being on the river, skiing and all winter sports, and doing as much of this as possible with her 2 year old Black Lab, Poppie.

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Sandra Torgerson-Gould
Sandra Torgerson-Gould

Sales & Marketing Consultant Owner of Relevant Marketing helping others achieve MORE! by sharing my knowledge in sales, marketing, operations, project management, HR, technology, social media & entrepreneurship.

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Our Passions

Property Management 

Personalized management to maximize your investment.

Tenants searching for a new rental home invest a lot of time finding the right place. While style and location catch a renter’s eye, a well-maintained property with a reputation for dependable care and management can be the difference in signing on the dotted line.

Meeting the diverse needs of potential tenants can be enormously difficult and time-consuming for landlords. Luckily, the professional property management team at the Echo Property Management can ease the burden of managing and maintaining your rentals.

Julie Goblin is dedicated to making the home-renting experience easier for everyone involved by handling the day-to-day operations of renting out a home.

HOA Management

Personalized knowledgeable service that will save you time & money. 

If you live in a townhome, condominium, or housing development, your community is likely connected to a homeowner association (HOA). These associations are responsible for the upkeep of common areas and the building itself. Running a homeowner association and caring for the upkeep of its buildings is no simple task! To stay on top of this role, the HOA is responsible for finding reliable property management companies to keep up with their requests. If you are in need of a property management company you can trust, look no further than Julie at Echo Property Management.




Personalized management to maximize your investment.

A commercial property manager handles non-residential properties like offices, retail spaces, storage facilities, shopping centers and industrial buildings. Like residential property management, commercial management encompasses the tasks and responsibilities of operating an income-producing property.


Commercial property management involves being able to prioritize and execute a wide array of tasks. For example, advertising, marketing, and leasing processes are all part of the commercial manager's job; because commercial leases are generally longer than other properties, with built-in renewals (ie. a five year lease with options to renew) and rent escalations, both the marketing and lease negotiation processes are longer and more involved than in other types of property management. However, commercial property managers have less hands-on tasks once the space is leased than other managers, as many commercial tenants of spaces -- like offices, retail units and industrial suites-- often take care of their own general maintenance, and in some cases, design and customize the interior of the space to suit their businesses.


Property managers of commercial spaces keep meticulous administrative and financial records, and keep all applicable maintenance, taxes, mortgages and insurance updated. They ensure rent is collected, and respond to tenant needs and issues. Managers also provide regular reports (ie. occupancy, rent roll, and budget) to the property owner, providing regular updates on how the investment is faring.


A commercial property manager is an asset to any property owner who has not the time or experience to market or manage their commercial real estate property themselves. Professional property managers are becoming more common for investors who are either too busy or simply not interested in the challenges of managing a property. 


Written by: All Property Management a Buildium Company