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Mountain Scene
How our rental process works...

Please reach out in email a detailed description of who you are, what size unit you're looking for, and the time frame desired. Typically, our rentals move fast and are often not listed long, and thus we have created a waiting list to alleviate the stress of rushing to find a place at the last minute. We value our waiting list and if we have a unit that will fit your needs, we'll remember to reach out to you. If we have something available that fits your specifications, this is how the process will work:

Step 1 - After you're on our waiting list, and we've alerted you of the unit, start your application on our website right away. 

Step 2- We will begin to screen your previous rental history, employment and evaluate if a co-signer is needed.

Step 3- If a co-signer is required, its best to have that person fill out what's called a 3rd Party Rental Agreement, and email that over soon after your application is in.

Step 4- Make sure all your desired roommates apply as well, and follow the above steps as needed.

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